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Copyright Notice

Our Copyrights

Very little on this website is copyrighted by the webmaster.  The articles in the Encyclopedia Dementia and some of the graphics (logos) are copyrighted, and we would ask that these not be distributed without the authorship and copyright intact, and please drop us a line and let us know you've deemed our material worthy of distribution.  We would be honoured to know this.

Others' Copyrights

A great deal of  the material on this website is the work of others, many of whom the webmaster has never met.  It is the belief and intention of the webmaster that no copyrighted material is contained on the website, Severe Dementia, without consent of the author, either implied or stated.  We hope that if we have inadvertently done so, we be contacted immediately to solve the problem.  This material should not be distributed or copied outside this website without the consent of the author (and please do not ask us to contact authors.  We can not and will not.) although much of this material contains permission for distribution and copying to varying extents.  We can not take responsibility for the actions of anyone copying or distributing information from this website.

Unclaimed Pieces

Many of the pieces on the library and within the website have no claimed author or copyright.  Much of this material was obtained by the webmaster over time from BBSs and websites, and we are under the impression that it is considered public domain.  If there is a concern or problem about any unclaimed material on this website, please contact us immediately.

Thanks.  Enjoy the site.

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