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Quartz crystal is one of nature's miracles. Silicon dioxide (SiO2) in crystalline form possesses a quality known as peizoelectricity. When squeezed and released, there is created an oscillating frequency which recurs at a precise rate. It is this quality of oscillation that has made possible a great deal of modern technology.  Quartz crystals are used in all telephone, radio, spacecraft quidance, satellite communications and computer systems.  Simply speaking, the crystal is capable of recieving, sending and holding energy. It is uniquely a tool of communication, and as our age is an age of communication, it might,
in fact, be called the "Age of Crystal".

In psychic terms, quartz crystal expresses identical properiies, being used as a psychic sender, reciever, and holder of various types of energy.  The crystal is usually placed in the left hand for recieving,  the right hand for sending, and either hand for holding.  The mind is focussed, as in any state of deep meditation, and mental energy is directed into or through the crystal.  Quartz crystal has been used since ancient times and in nearly all human cultures as a psychic tool.  Its particular focus of usefulness has been as an amplifier of energy in the work of psychic healing.  Crystals have also been used as explorative
tools, held while meditating, or placed beside the bed or under the pillow while sleeping.  Many people report increased rememberance of dreams, a sharpening of inner vision, greater groundedness, and enhanced self-awareness by using crystals in this way.

Crystals have traditionally been worn for any or all of the above mentioned reasons, but, perhaps the foremost reason is simply that of beauty. Perhaps no other stone so expresses not only the perfection of the mineral world and mother earth, but the potential perfection of human consciousness.

   Tom Durbin, Wellstone, Oakland, CA