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Magickal Gems, Crystals and Stones
by Lady Hathor



The Agate strenghtens victories of all kinds.  Gives courage, strength aids in awakening the inner self for receptiveness.  Protects and wards off the evil eye, keeps away bad dreams, cures insomnia.  A triangular one is good for intestinal problems and makes the wearer agreeable.


Protects from insects and bites, gives courage to speak out and a sense of humour.  Keeps away bad vibrations. Improves the blood flow, circulation and sores on the skin. Sign is Aries and Planet is Mars.


Beneficial for diseases of the eyes. For a woman, soak in water and then drink. This protects from sterility. God is Demeter. Planet is Venus


Good for strains, stress and unsavoury friends. Helps attract strength.  God is Eros. Planet is Saturn


Used by the Egyptians to cure stiffness in the neck and colic.  God is Pluto. Planet is Moon


Strenghtens friendships.  Gives strength, vigor and success.  Strengthens eyesight and helps in completion of pregnancy.  Keeps away poisonous reptiles. Prevents fever, epilepsy and madness. Brings riches and long life.  God is Artemis. Planet is Venus


Gives lover favour in sight of lady. Helps with happiness,health and long life. Keeps away reptiles, good against the Evil eye.
God is Minerva. Planet is Uranus

LACE AGATE .....   Protects from all above.
BLUE AGATE .....   Brings tranquility and happiness
SPECKLED AGATE .   Protects Travellers
TREE AGATE .....   Relieves tension and fever.

GOD is Apollo. PLANET is Sun.  Gives compassion and understanding, Strengthens fertility and pregnancy.  Good for toothache, rheumatic fever, pain, goiter, deafness indigestion and infection.  Stops bleeding. If worn around the neck, gives a low body temparature.  If soaked in water and drunk, it then helps cure stomach, kidneys,liver and large intestine.  If you ground it and mix with honey and oil of roses, it is good for deafness and the eyes. if the Amber is shaped in the phallus it is good against the evil eye and evil spirits. In the East amber amulets were worn in the shapes of lions, dogs, frogs and fish in order to increase fertility. A Roman author said that amber was Lynxx Urine.  The Greeks said that amber was the juice or essence of the brilliant rays of the setting sun congealed in the sea.

In Classical myths, it was said to originate from the tears of nymphs over the death of Phaeton (the child of Phoebus who drove the sun chariot out of control).

A Greek word for without Drunkeness.  Strengthens pschic power and astral projection,meditation. Helps make you strewd in business, helps ease passage to the underworld.  Keeps away treachery and disception.  Protects from disease enemies and evil thoughts. Calms the body, if kept under your pillow you will have healing dreams. Helps cure circulation and imsomnia.  The amytheyst cannot carry a curse. It improves the memory, If you draw a picture of the moon or a crescent moon, and wrap the amytheyst in it, and tie to a peacock, the feathers that drop off protect from sorcery.


Strengthens balance, wisdom, courage, energy circulation.  Brings wealth and long life.  Protects from deception, breaks up energy blocks. If rubbed up the spine it stimulates the chakra.  Stops bleeding.  Said to grant favours in the eyes of superiors.
Helios.  Ares Mars  Sun


Good for devotion and wisdom.  Protection from the evil eye and negative feelings.  If powdered and burned can be used on boils.  Good for fits, whooping cough, spleen problems, sore eyes and madness.

Coral   Neptune Red Coral  Venus Isis Black Coral  Posiedon


Jade wards off infantile disease if placed around the neck and not removed.  lt is placed in the mouth of a corpse to protect the soul.  Necromancers used it to raise the soul.  Jade bracelets are worn to promote a long life and as a charm to prevent eye infection. It is considered to be the concentrated essence of love. It makes a good healing talisman for the kidneys, urinary and
digestive problems.

To Ritualists, it embodies the five cardinal virtues of the pentacle.

- Spirit Justice - Earth Charity - Water Courage - Fire Modesty - Air Wisdom -

It also makes a good gambling talisman, especially for racing.


These are one persons stones!

They ward off evil, especially magikal evil and lift fear and depression.  They are a link  between the physical and the spiritual and are used to balance the emotions.  They protect from possession.

They were once used to repel plague, fever and negativity.

They tend to filter out germs and aid, headaches, toothache, stomach diseases, goiter, dropsy, hysteria and hallucinations caused by fever.  They are used in womans complaints.  Jet helps durung labour and, when powdered
and mixed with bees wax, are applied to tumours.

They offer protection from thunderstorms...


Not to be confused the Ruby in Celtic Mythology or with the Sapphire.

In Egypt, this is the stone for Royalty only.  It gave wisdom and psychic experiences and guided the soul into the afterlife.  It is thought to represent truth.  It strengthens the mind and body through spiritual awareness.  It is the stone of truth and also the stone of mystery.

lt will aid in meditation and psychic developement, it lifts depression and melencholy and brings success in love.

The colour is inherently soothing.

lt has been used for skin diseases and circulatory problems and against recurrent fevers.



A stone of good fortune and a gift between lovers to insure enduring love as opposed to passionate but short term love.

lt is not a stone for everyone as it will indicate mood and personality by changing colour and transparancy to reflect the feelings of the wearer. lt also  changes to suit the phase of the moon ,i.e. waxing grows brighter, full full colour, waning grows darker.

They aid in the accuracy of scrying and divination especially if held by the client.

lt reunit lovers and loved ones who have parted in anger, protects those who travel on water, and clears the mind of confusion and aids in clear, concise decision making.


This stone carries immense quantities of energy, both positive and negative and is thus the stone of fortune and misfortune.  lt is also called the stone of the Gods since it carries all colours.  It represents all four elements.  it attracts to the wearer whatever is written on its self.  It opens the visionary aspects of the mind and encourages and aids visions and psychic journeying.  It also strengthens memory and revives and clears the mind.  It is also used in prophecy and divination by placing over the third eye.

lt offers protection from eye diseases ( often by being wrapped in a bay leaf and being placed on the eyelid) It is used to grant wishes and to add to magickal workings.  Placed in the left hand it gives affirmation of purpose, in the right hand it will strengthen the work its self.  Placed on the forehead, it gives direction to thoughts and gives direct linkage to Mercury.

It provided strong aid when offering help and guidence for others but may be quite negative when used selfishly for ones self.  Opals are absorbtive, they pick up energy of every type around them.  They do not water.  When surrounded by positiveness and security, they are quite clean and they are quite clear and bright but when negativity comes along they become cloady.
They guard a persons honour. They were once considered to be the patron stone of theives. Also they keep the hair from going grey and are useful against boils.


Why has man been intrigued with shiny stones and gems, and why is it we want to wear them at certain times of our lifes?

When you are buying a gem or stone for yourself, you may look at many until you find the one that feels right for you...What makes you pick a particular one??


Crystals are formed along energy lines found within the natural forces of the earth itself.  Even beyond the earth within the natural forces of the cosmos itself.  The stars you see about the earth at night and the other planets also radiates lines of force.  These lines litarally transverse the earth itself and generates energy alon the meridian of these lines...It is along these lines that crystals are formed in the natural state.  So in essence they are the energy of the cosmos itself.

Nature acts as a storehouse of energy.  We have to learn to tap this storehouse, if man were to know of the natural abilities of crystals.  There would not be any problems of energy shortages.  Crystals are energy in theirselves, in many different forms.

Crystals help with clairvoyence, generate energy, keep away nightmares.  If powdered it is good for swelling, heart disease, eye disease, fever, intestinal problems. In Scotland it is the stone of victory..

Apollo Sun Moon


Brings fierceness, strength and fortitude.  Strengthens friendships and protects from evil, disease and plagues.  If set in gold it drives away night monsters...When stolen attracts negative vibrations.  Diamonds require cleaning often.

six sided luckiest
square brings balance and harmony
triangular disharmony and friction


Strengthens love and intellect, will and memory.  Keeps away epilepsy, rapists, environmental disasters. If worn will ease pain of child birth. Keeps away emotional unhappiness.



Firstly as it is the colour of menstrual blood it is a stone of fertility.   As a gift it is a symbol of happiness and loyalty.  lt is thought to be a antidote to plague and fever.  Women were known to wear it around their waist to help with the menstrual cycle.  If it obtained unlawfully it will bear a curse upon its wearer until it is returned to its lawful owner.

Goddess:   Persephone

* Compiled by Lady Hathor - The Silver Circle - Toronto, On.