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First General Outline for Deep-Touch Zodiacal Rituals
by  Frater Almost I'

     I.  Banishments.

          a. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.
          b. The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram.

     II. Preliminary Invokations.

          a. Invokation of the Quadrant of the Sign Desired.
          b. Invokation of that Planet in the Astral Plane.
          c. Invokation of that Element onto the Physical Plane.

     III. The Journey.

          a. Begin by the Relaxation technique.
          b. Focus upon the Element Desired by Chanting the Divine Names in a mantra fashion.
          c. Once union with the element has been achieved, Chant the Divine Names of the Planet that is desired.
          d. Once the union with that sphere is felt, begin by reaching towards the Zodiacal sign by using the Divine Names as
              was done previously.
          e. Once the Zodiacal Sign is firmly activated within your sphere, acknowledge and "feel" it's energy.  When you
              have spent as much time as you so desire within that sphere, begin coming down by using the names of the
              Planetary Sphere.
          f. Once you have reached the Planetary Sphere desired, chant the names of the element and return to a near-normal
              state of consciousness.
          g. Take three deep breaths and come out of the altered state.

     IV. Closings.

          a. Banish the appropriate element using the pentagram.
          b. Banish the appropriate planet using the Hexagram.
          c. Do the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram.
          d. Do the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.
          e. Whatever you do, do not banish the Zodiacal Sign that you have just activated!  This will have the effect of"negating"
              or "destroying" the effects that you have just sought to

     Example:  Invokation of Leo for the purposes of Enlightenment and Power in all Mystical Works.

The Magus does the LBRP and the LBRH.  Next, he faces the quadrant where Leo is exalted in the Heavens and, using his fire wand, calls first upon the God Name of "Hey-Vau-Yud-Hey" and then he would call upon the name of the Arch-Angel "Varkiel."  Finally, he would then call unto the Angel of "Shramiel" in order to more thouroughly activate the Powers of Leo.

In the next step, the Magus will bring the Powers of Leo into the Sphere of the Sun so that he may more readilly approach and utilize the energies.  He does this with the aid of the Hexagram of Sol and the God-Names of "Yud-Hey-Vahv-Hey El-Oh-Ah V-Da-Ath" and the name of the Arch-Angel "Raphael."

Finally, the Magus is ready to call forward these powers for his own personal use.  He does this by performing the Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram of Air using the Names of "Shaddai El-Chai" and of the Arch-Angel "Raphael."  Yet, if the magus knows his business, he may desire to study the Golden Dawn Ritual for the Consecration of the Air Dagger and, from that, design his own ritual based upon the names given therein.

Now, the magus has opened a successive sequence of gates to the Sign of Leo and all of the Power contained
therein.  He begins working from his plane and, moving ever forward, passes from this sphere into that of Sol and from there
directly into Leo.  Here, the magus is capable of many things but, most importantly, he is capable of absorbing the Leonine energies that will aid him in his workings.  If the Magus be extremely sensitive or clairvoyant, then he may actually encounter a "creature" of the nature of Leo in this realm and, using defenses and tests elsewhere written, he may test this creature's validity.  Should the entity prove to be an emisary of the Leonine current, then a direct  "Question and Answer" session may follow or, if the Magus is not yet that adept, then he may simply feed the entity portions of pure, radiant energy which will be returned to him in the guise of  Solar/Leonine forces.
After the magus has had his encounter or, if he doesn't yet have one but still feels comfortable with the situation, then he
begins to make his way back into the sphere of Sol and, from there, back onto the Physical Plane via the Plane of Air.  When he is safely back in his temple, he banishes the powers of Air with the aid of the Pentagram and then he banishes the forces of Sol. Next, he does the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram and then he performs the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the
Pentagram.  He does not, however, banish or negate the forces of the Zodiac which he has contacted.  these forces will
naturally dissipate of  their own accord as the Sign of Leo rises and falls within the Heavens.

Also, the powers of Leo, being those of Sol, will be greatly disrupted when the Magus banishes that planet accordingly.  The link between the magus' mind and the Zodiac will remain open for a time yet it is a small and fragile link with no chance of
allowing for negative psychic entities to enter.
The end results are many and specific.  The magus, having first Called upon the powers of Air, has activated his "logical" or
"analytical" mind.  Then, by calling unto Sol, he has activated the sphere of Tiphareth and of Enlightenment.  Next, by Calling
forth the Powers of the Zodiac, he has called unto the Sphere of Tiphareth in Chokmah of Tiphareth... Chokmah being
the realm of the Zodiac.  This has placed his psyche in a position to recieve guidance from the Higher Realms of the Sphere of
the Sun for purposes of analysis or "thought."  Thus, we see that the use of this system is most beneficial and can be practiced for almost all purposes of Gray Magick.