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.....September 2000, e.v...... "Inaugural Rantings"

September has found me pretty busy this year, but I've managed to squeeze in a little bit of leisure time.  This month's reviews are:

"The Cell"    [[[
My immediate response to this film was an overwhelming sense of relief at the fact that my admission had been complimentary.  However, despite a flimsy plot-line, half of which was stolen from The Silence of the Lambs, and the other half of which was contingent upon an imaginary technology which is never even partially explained, and the fact that there was no character development or dialogue to speak of, I got rather into this film after 35 minutes or so.  Seeing Jennifer Lopez smoking a joint in her underwear definitely piqued my interest (though the Oscar for best scene smoking a joint in underwear must go to Cruise & Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut), and my warped little mind was not displeased with the visual feast which arrived subsequently.
Like Tim Burton, only in colour, this film provides an absolute eyeball-orgy.  I believe Ms. Lopez had the best idea for making it through this film in one sitting.  However, on a final note, I must congratulate Mr. D'Onofrio (of Full Metal Jacket fame... remember, he's the one who blew his brains out on the toilet!) on his outstanding performance as a mentally retarded serial killer who lapses into a coma 20 minutes into the film, and goes on to become a Lord of Absolute Evil in the realm of his own mind.  Good show.

"The Emerald Tablet" by Dennis William Hauck    [[[[[
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