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Article by David Claiborne
(C) Copyright 2000  All rights reserved

According to the tradition of Adepts, the A.·.A.·. is the Supreme and Eternal Inner School of initiates who have at all times overseen the evolution of consciousness on this planet.  This Holy Order has assumed various guises and names throughout the history of mankind.  Aiwass, the Minister of Hoor-paar-kraat, who issued The Book of the Law to mankind, was sent by the Secret Chiefs of the A.·.A.·. in order to announce the advent of the Aeon of Horus.  The A.·.A.·. is considered to be the "Order of all Orders," that is, the True Inner Order for which all other Orders and paths are but the preparation.

The A.·.A.·. or Argenteum Astrum was originally the name of the Golden Dawn's invisible Third Order.  After the dissolution of the Golden Dawn in the early 1900s, the A.·.A.·. was without an Outer Order until after the Equinox of the Gods when Frater P. (Aleister Crowley) and Frater D.D.S. (George Cecil Jones) created the current outer form in 1906 e.v.

There is some speculation whether Argenteum Astrum, the Latin for "Silver Star" is the True name of the A.·.A.·. in its current manifestation.  However, if there is a secret meaning of these letters, it is known only to initiates.

The A.·.A.·. is different from many other initiatory systems in that it concerns the individual's development and initiation on a personal basis.  During his passage from "Student" to "Ipsissimus", the individual has no official contact of any kind with any other person within the A.·.A.·. except the Neophyte who introduces him, and any Student(s) whom he may introduce after becoming a Neophyte.  The succession of grades in the A.·.A.·. is based upon the model of the Qabalistic Tree of Life, a system of grades inherited from the Rosicrucians.

The fame and appeal of  the A.·.A.·., as well as the fact that it has no official head or governing body, has led to much lore and misconceptions in regard to the Order.  It is unfortunate that some of these untruths may have discouraged sincere and deserving students.  One of the most widespread falsehoods is that a prospective student should not seek the Order, rather that when the student is truly ready for it, the Order will find them.  The application for the Probationer states, "Let any person be received by a Neophyte..."  Admission into the A.·.A.·. is not difficult, and many lineages can be contacted through the Internet.  Despite many myths, the A.·.A.·. is not extremely selective and strictly secret.  It is true that since 1912, the "open door" policy of the A.·.A.·. is no longer in effect, but the customary student period of at least three months is hardly an ordeal to the dedicated seeker.

Since the death of Aleister Crowley in 1947, there have been no Universal Chiefs in the A.·.A.·..  Yet the Order still continues today according to the original structure in which a member of sufficient grade may admit others to the Order.

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