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Please read the following before continuing...

We seek to provide an outlet for alternative information and entertainment.  Some of the subjects contained herein may not be appropriate for readers of all age categories or may be offensive to some people.  Some of the practices detailed in these texts can be extremely dangerous, or possibly illegal in some areas, if actually attempted.  If you want to expand your mind, we are happy to help.  If you choose to be an idiot and hurt yourself or others, we assume absolutely no responsibility.

Our library is constantly growing and we appreciate submissions of all kinds; poetry, fiction, informational texts, etc.  However, please do not send unsolicited texts.  If you would like to submit, please send a short description of  your material to the resident webgod, Heru-Ra-Ha.  Please be aware that we cannot in any way infringe on copyrights in our library.  If we have inadvertently done so, please let us know ASAP.


"Ritual Theory and Technique"  - by Colin Low

"Kabbalah FAQ"  - by Colin Low

"The Laws of Magic"  - by P.E. Isaac Bonewits

"First General Outline for Deep-Touch Zodiacal Rituals"  - by Frater Almost I'

"Quartz Crystal and its Use"  - by Tom Durbin

"Magickal Gems, Crystals and Stones"  - by Lady Hathor

"Crystals and Gemstones for Healings"  - author unknown

"Candle Magic" - author unknown

"The Wake World: a Tale for Babes and Sucklings"  - by Aleister Crowley

"Liber 777 Column XL (semi-precious stones) on a Small Budget"  - by Frater AMTh

"Liber Gematria" English Gematria  - by Frater I Nigris (666)

"Liber Conjunctus" Sex Magick  - by Frater I Nigris

"Death Posture: Blackout and Sigils"  - by Frater Apfelmann

"A Handbook of Botanical Incenses"  - by Rowan Fairgrove

"Smudging: How to Do It -- How Not to Do It"  - by Michelle Chihacou

"List of Egyptian Feline Deities"  - by Arijana

"Celtic Deities"  - author unknown

"Comparision of Christianity and Wicca"   - by Kerr Cuchulain

"Basic Principles of the Craft"  -  American Council of Witches, 1970

"Wicca Connections for Seekers" in CA, VA, MD & NC - author unknown

"Getting Started in the Craft"  - by Fiona Oceanstar

"Burning Times" lyrics -  by Leigh Ann Hussey

"Cyber Wicca"  - by Ammond Shadowcraft

"Wicca, Wicca, Who's Got the Wicca? or My Tradition, or Yours?"  - by Hurn

"Dianism in a Nuit-Shell"  - by Inanna Seastar

"What Neopagan Druids Believe"  - by P.E. Isaac Bonewits

"Paganism: Ancient and Modern"  - by P.E. Isaac Bonewits

"The Political Implications of Reviving Druidism"  - by P.E. Isaac Bonewits

"Dull Tales of the Occult"  - by Morgain Blake

"Charmed, I'm Sure: The Ethics of Love Spells"  - by Mike Nichols

"Herbal Alchemy"  - by Blaze Pathwalker

"Pre-Initiatory Dedication Ritual" - by Ashta'ar-Arthura and Cleindori

"Full Moon Esbat Ritual" - by Seastrider and Ravensong

"Handfasting Ritual"  - author unknown

"Ritual of Self-Blessing"  - by Amber Wolfe

"Beliefs of a Pagan Polytheist to his Rabbinical Student Friend"  - by Raven Dragonrune

"Basic Meditation Techniques"  - by Bill Witt

"Astral Projection Techniques"  - by Dan McClure

"Out of Body Experience (OOBE) FAQ"  - by Jouni A. Smed

"The Five Commandments (Pentabarf) of Discordians"

"Principia Discordia"

"The Turkey Curse"

"The Principles of Discordian Magick"  - by Lord Falgan, F.M., K.S.C.

"The Futhark Runes"  - author unknown

"Looking Deeper into the Bible"  - by Matthew McGinnis

"Symptoms of Inner Peace"  - by Saskia Davis

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